The company

Quásar was born in 2007. We have been working and training with various drama schools and theatre companies. We are interested in exploring the infinitude of dramatic language. We learn from the solitude, the silence, the void, the nothingness. How beautiful it is when something is created little by little...We are motivated by risks and challenges. With each new project we aim to decipher what is the meaning of our work and its significance in contemporary life. Not wanting to understand Life___but simply wanting to express it, said Pessoa

and the poetics, not as an aesthetic premeditation, and the crude hope as questioning the evidence. We also like getting excited, disrupting reality (Disrupt: modify, change the order, disturb, alter, affect)

During these times we have got our hands dirty, we have challenged death, reconciled with life, become whores of redemption, read beautiful texts and poems, submerged ourselves into oblivion, invoked memories… Apart from creating and producing shows for adults and and young children, we also collaborate in educational projects (we learn a lot here) and we like creating pieces for non-specific spaces And we keep searching…

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