The duck and the tulip

El pato y el tulipán.
El pato y el tulipán. Quasar teatro
El pato y el tulipán. Quasar teatro

A work based on the tale of Duck, Death and the Tulip, by Wolf Erlbruch

For a while now, Duck had a feeling… Who are you?, What are you up to, creeping along behind me?, And she replied: I’m glad you finally noticed me.

Duck was scared stiff. And who could blame her?

Our character is a companion, silent and light as a feather, always present even though we can't perceive it.

The conception of this show is based on the moment in which a child wonders about death for the first time. Naively, and so naturally. Mothers and fathers know it, but they hardly ever have a simple and convincing answer.

Direction and creation by Mónica Glez Megolla.
Performers: Alberto Sebastián and Mónica Glez Megolla.
Collaboration in scenic movement: Patricia Torrero.
Video creation: Burbuja Films.
Set design: Alberto Arce, Peroni.
Costumes: Rollerdanz, Ygriega.
Lighting: Félix Garma.
Graphic design:
Photos: Manuel Serrano, Elena Flecha.

Created in residence at Santander Creativa Foundation, Palacio de Festivales de Santander. Produced by Quasar in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of Cantabria. Tour support: INAEM, Ministry of Culture of Cantabria.


Few children are lucky enough that the first time they encounter death, it speaks lovingly to them about life.

A swing, an accordion, a bicycle... these are the objects among which Mónica creates the character of a duck with clumsily harmonious movements and delicate flaps, reaching in a "duck solo" an interpretative quality before which death can only surrender.

Fernando Llorente, El Diario Montañés

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