Of water and mud (Deaguaybarro)

deaguaybarro teatro infantil
deaguaybarro teatro infantil
deaguaybarro teatro infantil

Mud is the primordial matter, that also contains the water that has given birth to everything.
Starting with a blank space, without anything, where allegorically a whole world is being constructed and begins to emerge. Isn’t this ambitious?
An actress on stage, who translates creative activity into movement. She brings colour, earth and water into life…
Using her own hands and getting all dirty.
In the end, the only thing that is left in the artistic space are the remains
Life itself

“In a world full of plastic and noise, I want to be made of mud and silence”
E. Galeano

Created and directed by Mónica González Megolla
Performer Mónica González Megolla
Choreographic direction Patricia Torrero
Assistant direction and production Manuel Serrano
Set design Antonio Fuente (Beusual)
Lighting design Víctor Lorenzo
Costumes Rollerdanz
Set construction Manuel G. Mullor
Advice on clay Alberto Sebastián
Mural painting advice Antonio Fuente
Sound recording Jorge Ibáñez
Photography Manuel Serrano
Graphic design duotono.es

A production by Quasar in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of Cantabria.

Created in Residence at Escena Miriñaque and the Palacio de Festivales de Santander.

Support on tour: INAEM and Ministry of Culture of the Government of Cantabria.


A colorful and imaginative proposal with water and mud, as the title suggests, where Mónica González literally dives into the 'pool' of materiality, filling the stage and her own body with mud and colors, enticing both young and old to join her in the endeavor through their imagination.

Mónica González demonstrated exquisite professionalism, patience, respect for the audience, and mastery of body and time.

Toni Rumbau, Titeresante magazine.

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