The ruffian on the stair

Joyce and Mike are a peculiar couple, a former prostitute (she) and a petty crook (he).
 Living a pathetic and insipid life - already going for their second anniversary!- when suddenly in their small and ramshackle apartment appears (first to her and then to him) a young man named Wilson, who shaken by the accidental (or perhaps not) death of his beloved brother, is looking for a room to rent…

“All characters could be real. One of them is consciously funny. Each one of them must be interpreted with a desperate seriousness. Only that way one can achieve the mixture of comedy and threat... Everything that the characters say is true.”

(Orton about “The ruffian…”)

With Mónica Glez Megolla, Fernando Madrazo, and Carlos García Escudero.

Directed by Ricardo Moya.

Translation by Rob Jenkins. Lighting by Félix Garma.

Music by Orestes Gas. Set Design by Julián Díaz.

Production Assistant: María Felices. Photography by Eva García.

Graphic Design by

A production by Quásar in collaboration with the Palacio de Festivales de Santander and the Department of Culture of Cantabria. Tour support from INAEM.

Created in residence at Escena Miriñaque and Teatro Las Escuelas de Orejo.

Show recommended by the RED (Network).


Quasar Teatro revives, with an excellent staging, the initial work of the British playwright.

Quasar plays with showcasing Orton's dark side in contrast to his luminous evidence, not only through interpretation and set design but also with the lighting arrangement that creates intriguing chiaroscuro effects.

Julio Castro, the Cultural Republic

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