Thirst, memory of exile

Thirst is born out of the search for answers in the story of a man in exile, Ramón Megoya Cerca. A man buried in a shameful silence. A man that we didn’t know absolutely anything about until starting this deep and emotional dramatic journey.

A woman on stage is wondering about the forced journey that many persons in exile had to take, all those women and men that were forced to leave their country for defending their ideals.

Ramón Megoya Cerca, a man in exile from the Spanish Civil War, is the protagonist of this war.

A woman talks to us about the silence surrounds the recent history of our country. She challenges us. She talks to us of the shame of the defeated, the pain and the injustice.

 THIRST is an attempt to save the life of Ramón from the most mortifying oblivion.

THIRST is a recognition of all the people in exile.

The country of exile has no water 
It is a thirst without limits 

Jorge Carrera Andrade 

"Actress: Mónica Gonzalez Megoya

Direction: Jorge Padín

Movement Design: Patricia Torrero Original Music: Jaime Peña Lighting

Design: Víctor Lorenzo Realization and Design (Noray): David Azpurgua

Historical Advisory: Agustín Macías

Tailoring: Pilar Ibáñez Images: Moncho González

Design and Illustration:

Audiovisual Material: Trévol Production: Quásar Teatro"

supported by

Escudo de Cantabria, consejería de universidades, igualdad, cultura y deporte
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