Always for NOTHING

The plasticity and the form of the body in relation to desire, and the need for closeness and often animal like contact. Paradoxical and ambiguous images that everyone interprets differently. Everything always depends on the eyes of the person looking at them

And Marquis de Sade accompanies us with this brief text which becomes the basis of our creation. Here’s just a fragment:

…“ Next, I will lodge my prick in her anus; you will avail me of your ass, 'twill take the place of the cunt she had under my nose, and now you will have at it in the style she will have employed, her head now between your legs; I'll suck your asshole as I have just sucked her cunt, you will discharge, so will I, and all the while my hand, embracing the dear sweet pretty little body of this charming novice, will go ahead to tickle her clitoris that she too may swoon from delight.”…

Intérpretes Noe Fernández, Javi Cues, Sandra García
Dirección Mónica Glez. Megolla
Fotos  Manuel Serrano

Creado en colaboración con la Fundación Santander Creativa para el proyecto Teatro Express. Creado en Residencia en Escena miriñaque y estrenado en el Conservatorio de Música Jesús de Monasterio

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