National amnesia

Desmemoria tierra
Desmemoria tierra
Desmemoria tierra

Could we talk of normalisation of barbarism?

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The capital of Cantabria is considered to be  one of the cities with the most symbols of a dictatorship in Europe. The municipal cemetery, Ciriego, contains the human remains of more than 1000 people executed under the Franco regime. Despite all of this, the city still has around thirty streets with references to the Franco regime, some of them very well-known such as General Dávila, with monuments that continue to exist.

It is worth adding here that Santander was the last Spanish city to remove the equestrian statue of Francisco Franco from the City Hall Square, and only because of an underground car park that was to be constructed there.

Santander, a European city plagued by symbols of a dictatorship. The hubris.

With this work, which takes place in non-conventional spaces, we take you by the hand and guide you through the most emblematic streets of Santander with a clear reference to the dictatorship. We tell you which ones they are, and what they mean. We invite you to create a Memory

Director and performer: Mónica Glez. Megolla
Assistant director and photography: Manuel Serrano; Cover photo: Álvaro Ramiro
Video creation: J. Carlos Fdez. Izquierdo
Poster design:

Our sincerest thanks to the Desmemoriados Association of Santander, Escena Miriñaque, Patricia Torrero

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