We play to discover a LOOT eng

teatro. we play to discover a loot

A little collage that we put together based on the juxtaposition of two ideas: life in solitude compared to life in a community. Motherhood, family or religion as morally questionable concepts

And the child says: we are all innocent because we are all evil.

Angélica Liddell

I killed myself today
For second life replay
I killed myself today
I had too many lives
I did it to survive
So I killed myself today
But somehow I’m not dead
I’m still inside a head
To testify what’s real
When truth is to believe
I killed myself today
For second life replay
Yeah, I killed myself today
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives

Dirección e intérprete Mónica Glez Megolla
Colaboración especial Patricia Torrero
Realización vídeo Juan Carlos Fdez. Izquierdo
Fotos Manuel Serrano

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