We play to discover a LOOT eng

teatro. we play to discover a loot

A little collage that we put together based on the juxtaposition of two ideas: life in solitude compared to life in a community. Motherhood, family or religion as morally questionable concepts

And the child says: we are all innocent because we are all evil.

Angélica Liddell

I killed myself today
For second life replay
I killed myself today
I had too many lives
I did it to survive
So I killed myself today
But somehow I’m not dead
I’m still inside a head
To testify what’s real
When truth is to believe
I killed myself today
For second life replay
Yeah, I killed myself today
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives

Directed and performed by Mónica Glez Megolla.

Special collaboration by Patricia Torrero.

Video production by Juan Carlos Fdez. Izquierdo.

Photos by Manuel Serrano.

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