Well…in love

First of all, love is pain, whatever the age. Love is anachronistic, and slowness suits love just like non-language.

Love is unsocial by origin, it is not possible to disentangle the sense of any love in the world, the body reaches out towards something undefined without ever being able to get. 
Pascal Quignard

What do we understand by love?

Are we, in most cases, mistaken when it comes to its meaning? Do we accept, in the name of love, humiliation, contempt, indifference? Do we consider all this to be “normal”? Is this love?

Intérpretes Javi Cues, Beatriz Gutiérrez,  Alejandro Alcalde, Laura Solana
Dirección Mónica Glez Megolla 

Fotografías Franmpalazuelos 
Colaboración coreográfica Cuico Campo
Creado en residencia en Escena Miriñaque

Estrenada en el Palacio de Exposiciones de Santander en colaboración con la Fundación Santander Creativa

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